Liquid Products

Primer 100

Primer 100 is designed to permanently fuse cement based materials to existing sound surfaces.

Modifier 300

A polymeric additive for concrete mixes giving unique flexural qualities to concrete and cement mixes

Flex Seal

Water based, acrylic color binder product used with all liquid color applications (Floors and walls)

Flex Seal Protector

This is for mineral structured surfaces. It is water and pure silicon resin based penetrating sealer.

Flex Seal Supreme

This is for mineral structured surfaces, such as concrete. Supreme Solvent is solvent based acrylic penetrating sealer.

Liquid Colors & Pigments

This is made from metal or mineral oxides either recycled from iron or refined from the earth.

Dry Powder Products

Wall Mix

This product is a lightweight cement based render specially formulated to support deep rock textures and other designs with incredible thickness on vertical surfaces.

Overlay Mix

This product is used for interior/exterior, driveways, patios, decks, and floors.

Wall Top Coat

This product is to create a hard shield over Wall Mix applications where the surface maybe subjected to severe abrasion and impact.

Micro Flex

This product is used in re-coloring process of an existing colored surface with Flex-C-Ment system.

Accent Enhancer

This product is used for creating highlight or accent effect of Flex-C-Ment liquid colors on Wall applications.

Repair Mix

This product is used on Flex-C-Ment Wall and Overlay Mix applications for filling & coloring possible hairline cracks due to environmental conditions and stretch cracks due to dry material stamping.

Color Hardener

Color Hardener densifies the surface of the slab, increases its resistance to wear, freeze and thaw cycles, heavy traffic and enhances light reflection while greatly improving its appearance.

Powder Release Agents

Powder Release Agents are used as bond breakers when stamping and stenciling concrete.

Flex Grip

This is a finely ground and carefully graded micronised white powder which when added to Flex-C-Ment sealers will dramatically improve the Slip Resistance value of all concrete surfaces.

Application Tools

Celluse Sponge

Fresno Trowel Set

Air Pump Sprayer

Gouge Rake

Pool Trowel

Joint Carving Tool

Texture Sprayer Hoper Gun

Hand Mixer

Red Hawk

Magnesium Hand Trowel

Tamper Pounder

120x30 cm Big D Fresno - Bull Float