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Stamped Overlay System

Flex-C-Ment stampable overlay designed for the most severe wear applications, interior or exterior. Formulated to resist troweling air blisters and shrink cracks. Balanced with additives to enhance curing in temperature extremes. OVERLAY MIX is used on concrete floor applications and as the top coat when refacing surfaces. A few interior examples would include, kitchen, dinning room, bathroom, and foyer, with realistic stone, brick and tile designs. A few exterior examples would include, sidewalks, driveways, porch, patios and swimming pool decks...

Our exclusive Overlay Mix formula is less likely to crack. It allows for minimal surface movement reducing the possibility of cracking where other rigid coatings fail.

Flex-C-Ment Floor overlay never feels like you are walking on concrete. Flex-C-Ment's Overlay Mix consisting of a proprietary blend of Portland cements, various aggregates and dry polymer additives. Flex-C-Ment uses only the best quality cements and aggregates which greatly increases the performance characteristics and durability of our overlay products. Unlike conventional cement and concrete mixes, our polymer-modified cement overlays can be applied thinly or thickly without fear of delamination or typical product failures. In addition, our polymer-modified cement overlays are much more resistant to damage from salt, petrochemicals, UV, harsh weather conditions and traffic wearing.